Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a difference a week makes

One week ago we had temperatures below zero. The fields were covered in snow and ice and our sidewalks were mere tunnels carved out of the huge ice blocks that surrounded them.  Going outside meant - long sleeves, fleece socks, gloves, scarves, hats, parkas, heat warmers - the works.  The cars needed to warm up for about 15 minutes just to reach the freezing mark. Winter had left its cold bitter path and we were completely encased by its frigid temperatures and snow swept landscapes. Today.....the birds are out. The grass is showing.  A light jacket is all one needs to step outdoors.  No parkas.  No scarves and mittens. No ice scrapers. Actual, for real, honest to goodness shoes can be worn! It is 70* warmer today than last week. 70*!!!  This evening as darkness fell, a painter's palette of cloud brushstrokes filled the sky. I ran to get my camera and missed the peak display but it was still beautiful.
The entire sky was covered in brushstrokes. It was really so peaceful and lovely.  We all stopped what we were doing to admire nature's masterpiece.
The only creatures not to notice the spectacular art show were the deer.

They couldn't believe their luck. GRASS, GRASS and more GRASS! I don't think they have seen real grass for over 2 solid months.  They grazed the entire late afternoon.  To think that just a few days ago, my son was cross-country skiing across the fields is almost impossible to believe. All that snow disappeared right before our eyes. We all stayed outside and admired the sunset.  We got a wonderful display of colors and it was a nice change to be free from teeth chattering. The sky slowly faded from white brushstrokes, to pink brushstrokes to an entire pink sky:
As the sky slowly turned a deep red, we all headed back to the house.  Happy and warm with thoughts of spring.

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