Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Hoopla

So all the hoopla and excitement of the Oscars has now officially come to a close.  Being a dedicated puppy raiser - I hardly ever get to go out to the movie theater and instead must wait to watch movies at home on DVD.... hence - my large and dearly beloved DVD collection. I am always excited on new release Tuesday to see what new movie has come out on DVD and then eagerly anticipate watching it from the comfort of my living room. I get the added benefit of having a furry puppy or two to keep me company, so my movie viewing is always a good time for a snuggle fest. Despite the fact that we haven't yet seen any of this year's nominated movies, as always, we faithfully watch the Oscars. I absolutely must see what all the stars are wearing!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres always jokes that the next day I can see the entire Oscar show in a concise 5 minute wrap up on the morning news - but that is CHEATING!  You must endure the hours and hours of Oscar awards to prove your movie worthiness.  Last night's Oscars were a bit drawn out. I can't say I particularly enjoyed the hosting - but the clothes were delightful and it made me even more eager to watch the King's Speech.  It looks like a fantastic film. It won't be released on DVD until mid-April so I guess I will just have to be patient until then.  There were a few more movies that looked exceptional so my movie wish list is now complete. Guess I better stock up on popcorn for this Spring's movie festival.  The puppies and I have a lot of catching up to do!

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