Tuesday, February 1, 2011


ICE DAY! No school today. Schools are closed. Colleges are closed. Roads are closed. Businesses are closed.  We have a lovely steady icy rain falling everywhere. Every branch on every tree is frozen solid. It is a solid mass of ice outside. It is more than slippery.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres had to put crampon spikes on the bottom of his boots in order to even stand up outside. When I let my little doggie outside this morning, he had to take his morning....um....how do I put this delicately....... his morning POOP. While he was in the infamous poop position, ever so slowly, he started sliding down the hill.  He couldn't really stop what he was doing, so down the hill he slowly skated. He did get his business finished, but climbing back up the hill was quite the task.  His front legs worked fine but the back two just kept slipping out from behind him.  When he finally made it back to the house, he clearly gave me the "I AM NOT GOING BACK OUT THERE!" look. So what can we do to combat this icy dangerous scary life threatening outdoor winter storm????? GLEE! My younger daughter and I have undertaken the arduous task of watching the entire first season of Glee.  I mean everyone else knows what is happening with that show and we are in the dark as to what the show is about and who is on it and what all the commotion is about. It is almost a survival type situation that we watch it.  My son didn't see it that way.  He didn't give me a warm and fuzzy look as he was strapping on his spike crampons so that he could traipse outside into the icy rain in order to do all the farm chores. He didn't exude a happy, wow you are working so hard mom, and I am so glad you are in your pajamas watching Glee all day, type attitude. Mr. Yesteryear Acres didn't either.  They are both outside in the pouring icing rain, and my daughter and I are under blankets with the TV on and we might even make popcorn in order to make the day complete.  The doggies and puppies are with us so we are ACTUALLY working really hard.  We are keeping them safe.  We are keeping them dry.  We are keeping them from sliding all the way down the backyard and into the frozen creek. We are keeping them from the icy armageddon that surrounds us.  It is the least we could do.  Maybe once we serve our hot fresh baked bread and our fabulous "breakfast for dinner" delight this evening they will forget all about the wet, cold, dreary, icy, slippery day they had. We already have the bread in the oven and we are making eggs benedict and fresh squeezed orange juice, homemade julienne style home fries, and maple bacon. I am thinking that tonight we are going to have to let the boys decide what movie we will watch. Something tells me that a Glee Marathon just won't do it. But for now......SING!

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