Sunday, February 20, 2011

Party For Five

Today was a day spent hanging around the house. Ahhhhh. No concrete slabs for sitting. No dressing rooms for zipping. Home sweet home all day long. Of course despite the fact we were home all day, didn't mean the day was spent doing nothing. We don't have very many of those days in a year.  There is always work to be done and today was no exception.  My older daughter is only home for the day so we planned on doing some fun things together. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I got up early and took care of all the puppies and took new pictures of our adorable babies.  I plan on getting them all posted to the website tomorrow.  They just keep getting cuter every day! It took about an hour to get all the new pictures done and they look like they all turned out great.  I am excited to get them all organized and published.  It is fun to share all the cuteness!!!! After the puppies were all snuggled back in their beds, I started working on dinner.  My older daughter requested homemade pot pie, and since I make it completely from scratch, it takes a good portion of the day to get it all put together. Roasted chicken - check. Roasted potatoes - check. Fresh sweet corn - check. Green beans from the garden - check. Petite peas - check. Homemade chicken stock, cream sauce, pie shells - check, check check.  One deep dish savory delicious Chicken Pot Pie - CHECK!  The best part of the entire meal???? I had it ready to serve at 5:00pm sharp and EVERYONE was ready!  We had all decided to have a really early dinner so we could do some fun family things tonight and for once, it all worked out! Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son got all the chores done and were back in the house around 4pm this afternoon. The feasting began shortly thereafter and the rest of the night will be spent having fun. I can't wait.  Party for five starts now.

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