Friday, February 4, 2011

Puppies Safe and Sound

This morning came bright and early as the puppies happily followed my son and I out to the Puppy Mobile.  It was a big day for them.  Time to meet their new families!  My son was my ever faithful co-pilot and we picked out an awesome book-on-tape to entertain us along the way.  Ginger's goldendoodle puppies and Stormy's chocolate puppies finally were able to go to their new homes.  The furious winter weather we have been having lately had prevented most of them from making the travels but today, the sun was shining!  The roads were clear and the ice was gone!  My son and I decided to deliver the puppies to their new families and end the day with a visit to my daughter at the Naval Academy. It is her 21st birthday next week so we wanted to bring her some birthday cheer. We loaded up our fabulous puppy mobile with our precious cargo and headed off. The puppies were the best travelers! They seemed to love the puppy mobile and happily played together for the entire trip.  We had 3 potty stops along the way and they all did their business immediately and then were ready again for the next leg of the journey. I think the puppies must have really liked our book-on-tape because no one whined or whimpered. They all listened to our story and were excellent travel companions. My son of course was the most awesome co-pilot and it was so great to have him along for the trip.  The puppies adore him and his presence made the whole trip fun for us all. When we finally arrived at our destination, the new families were waiting for their furry new best buddies. It is so much fun to see so many happy faces full of long awaited joy. The puppies all had their tails wagging and it was a great end to the long drive.  The rest of the night will be spent laughing and having fun with my daughter.  I brought her favorite meal and fresh made rolls and of course world famous popcorn. Sounds like movie marathon time to me!!!! 

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