Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I can read

Did you know that? Really. I can read.  I can read an entire pamphlet AND absorb the information AND understand all the fascinating facts contained within each clearly written paragraph. Evidently our local school system does not think I have the capacity to read - so tonight we had a mandatory meeting, at dinner time, that lasted over an hour, where........... the handouts were read TO us. OH! MY!  WOW!  When I read the words on the handout that said, "On March 1st, be at the school no later than 5:40am" I was so confused.  I didn't know what that meant. Be at the school? What school? 5:40am? Is that morning? Is that evening? No later than...does that mean to be on time? OH no. I was simply and hopelessly lost and confused. Lucky for me, I went to the mandatory meeting and when one of the staff members at the middle school read the words "Be at the school no later than 5:40am" OUT LOUD ...WELL a light bulb went off RIGHT THEN and I had an A HA! moment.  I knew exactly what was expected of me! I realized they meant meet at my son's school! I realized 5:40am meant bright and early in the MORNING! ON TIME! Whew! I am so glad I went tonight. I am so glad that each and every sentence in the handout was painstakingly read to me at least 100 times slower than I could read it myself because NOW I know exactly what I need to do. I wasn't at all thinking about how hungry I was.  I wasn't at all thinking about my homemade Amish Chicken and Noodles waiting for me on the stove. I wasn't thinking about my homemade buns. I wasn't thinking about dinner time at all.  I also wasn't thinking about how many times a staff member had to repeat "NO CASH will be accepted for payments" before insanity set in.  While I was clearly not thinking about the "NO CASH will be accepted for payments", I was also not in complete and total shock that after the 25th time they mentioned NO CASH, someone raised their hand and asked if they could pay in cash tonight.  Evidently the reading out loud doesn't work for everyone. I don't think reading silently would have helped either so then I am back to my original premise of WHY oh WHY did I have to go when I promise I DO know how to read????  I did make it home safely.  We did all eat a rather late dinner but Amish Chicken and Noodles is a very kind and friendly dish and it stayed nice and warm and was waiting for us all simmering on the stove when we walked in. I can't wait for the next mandatory meeting/story hour.  I just learn so much!

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