Sunday, February 6, 2011

State Race

Today my son and I spent the day in the car driving the long journey home. We woke up early and packed up all our stuff before enjoying a leisurely breakfast with my daughter.  She didn't have to be back at the Naval Academy until 6pm this evening but we had a long drive ahead of us and she had a long day of homework awaiting her.  We sadly had to end our day a bit early so that we could get everything accomplished.  While driving home, my son and I had fun battling to see who would reach each state line first.  We have a game we all play in our family where you MUST be the first one to stick out your arm as far as it goes to the front windshield, so that you, are in fact, the very first one to cross the state line.  Sometimes we act very nonchalantly, as we have not a care in the world, while slowly stretching our arms out and then quick as lightning throw our arm forward so as to win at the last second.  Other times we try to engage the other person in a jaw dropping intense conversation so that they are so involved in the discussion there is no way possible they can see the upcoming State sign. Usually though it is just an all out laugh fest as everyone is keenly aware that the state sign is quickly approaching and the contest almost always ends in a tie.  No matter how many times we play it, the game never gets old.  The game never fails to elicit a laugh or huge smile.  Despite the fact that my son is 14 years old which is WAY WAY old - he is still not too old to play the State game. Driving home we pass through several states - some more than once - and we tied every time.  We tried every variation of the game, feigning boredom, looking for a lost item etc - but no one was fooled.  We arrived home safely just in time for a delicious feast prepared by the ever so thoughtful Mr. Yesteryear Acres. The second I walked in the door, oh my goodness - it smelled heavenly!  He made a crispy roasted chicken that was to die for. It was so moist and the skin was soooo crispy yummy, I had 2 helpings.  My son was in heaven as well as he missed his doggies and was enthusiastically greeted at the door with a lot of dog kisses and tail wagging. Once again, there is no place like home.

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