Monday, February 7, 2011


Being the typical Type A person that I am - today I worked on the plans for my daughter's graduation party. The graduation party in June. Yes, I am already thinking about June. I am weird like that. I feel like I am behind as it is already February!  Where did the time go?  I went and looked at a lovely place to have the party and worked on the menu ideas and shopping lists.  By the time June comes around - I will definitely be all set. Since I was already out and about, I then did what I have been putting off for weeks. I bought things to organize my receipts and bills and paperwork.  I am far from a great accountant.  Okay - honestly I am not even CLOSE to being an accountant.  I need to be more organized.  I need to have things filed properly.  I went and got banker's boxes and folders and wallets and labels and hopefully all the materials I need to be fully organized and ready for you know what.  The horrible word.  The word that shall not be written. The word that will be approaching in April. Ugh.  I am starting NOW.  Which is really great. Which should be rewarded.  Tomorrow I am going to work on organizing my office ALL DAY LONG.  I have scheduled tomorrow and the next day to be locked away with no sunlight and no break until I have everything organized by month and neat and tidy.  I will use my Type A personality for good. I will dedicate my Type A personality to making my office that is all the way upstairs and seldom used because I prefer working on my laptop from my very comfy reclining chair with my legs propped up and a lovely view of the backyard and the birds and the trees and the puppies and all of that to my dreary office with no view tucked upstairs BUT nonetheless - I WILL GO UP AND WORK! I will do it.  I will make it clean!  I will make it orderly! I will make it so when the dreadful month of April comes knocking, I WILL BE READY.  Okay.  Good plan.  I am prepared to do battle. OFFICE SPACE -  Here I come!

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