Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So today I got to go to a lovely little place called the BMV.  I thought it stood for the "Bureau of Motor Vehicles" but after my afternoon there - I believe it might be more aptly named "Brainless Moving Violators"  Oh my gosh! Was every person who was ever arrested, in an accident, holding a suspended license, late for registration fees or what have you, there the same time I was??????  I think so! I had to go to the BMV because my little 6'4" baby is old enough to get his Driver's permit.  Yes.  As in DRIVE a REAL car.  We went so he could take the written exam and get his honest to goodness real permit.  Of course he easily passed in record time and had his beautiful new temporary driver's license in no time.  Even so, while I waited I was surrounded by conversations like this...
Hey MAN!  What are you doin here?
Well I am gettin my license back cause the cops stole it from me.
They stole it?
Yeah Man - I was drivin home drunk and was only ONE BLOCK FROM HOME when I got busted.
Man That Ain't fair. I am here cause I got mine suspended too! Darn DUI! Ain't Fair!

Note to self....wear seatbelts.  Look both ways SEVERAL times before crossing the street. This was further emphasized when the cutest older man was trying to get his license renewed. To say he was "older" is really kind of me.  He was VERY old.  I wondered if he would make it to the counter. I am not kidding you.  The BMV worker asked him to read the 4th line on the eye chart.
4th line
No Sir 4th line
OH okay R S O
No Sir FOURTH LINE ... the line BELOW that one
No Sir that is the same line. Try again
No sir - the OTHER Line
P...  L....  J....  J....  J?
No Sir that isn't quite right.  Try again

Okay I am not even exaggerating.  The guy got like 10 chances!  AND THEY RENEWED HIS LICENSE.  He barely could walk all the way over to the other side of the room to get his new picture taken.  The entire waiting room was just full of newly licensed or re-licensed or reinstated drivers. SO beware.  You never know who is behind the wheel!  It might even be.....MY SON! GASP!

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