Sunday, August 12, 2012

3 Year Survival

Three years ago I suffered a heart attack and almost died and so today is my 3 year anniversary of being EXTRA SUPER grateful for everything I have. I am healthy and happy and here on this planet to enjoy all life has to offer. Since my heart attack was a stress induced heart attack I have learned many things since that horrifyingly scary day. First and foremost is never ever ever never ever take your health for granted.  The second you lose your health - all the other things in your life that you thought were so important vanish instantly.  To be healthy is a gift that should be treasured and nurtured. Today on my 3 year anniversary I have pledged to make sure I take even better care of myself. I am going to do cardio exercises a minimum of three times a week for 30-60 minutes at a time and in addition I am adding a new pledge. I am going to do strength training exercises 3 times a week. I have recently learned how important strength training is for women and I have been severely lacking in that area.  Strong muscles are essential to a long healthy life and I am going to treat my neglected muscles to a nice workout every week. I am determined to get my muscles into tip top shape.  Exercise alone is not enough to stay healthy as nutrition plays just as important a role in staying healthy. We already eat really healthy food at our house as we have our big delicious garden but we do eat bigger portions than we should so I am going to cut down on my serving sizes to make sure I stay in great health.  Those are the new things in my pledge to stay healthy as the rest are things I practice daily.
Always Be Grateful

Always show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Never take the love of your family and friends for granted. Tell them you love them.

Always Be Grateful

Never worry about something until the time comes when it is necessary to worry about it. You will know when that time comes but until that time arrives - do not waste precious hours and days and weeks wondering about the "What Ifs".  Life will certainly always throw a few roadblocks your way but if you spend your life worrying about what MIGHT happen you are sure to miss what IS happening.  Usually in the moments in between the road blocks - lots of happiness and joy can be found.  Treasure the moment. Put the worrying aside.

Always Be Grateful

Laugh Often.  I laugh every day.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres makes me laugh. My children make me laugh. My doodle doggies make me laugh.  Sometimes even I make myself laugh.  HAVE FUN.  SMILE. One genuine smile can brighten an entire room. Share the joy!

Always Be Grateful

Don't spend your life waiting for the big moments.  They only come around every so often. Instead - make every single day a big moment.  Life is all about the little things. Recognize them. Enjoy them. Appreciate them.

And Never forget.....Always Be Grateful.  A grateful heart is a happy heart. I am grateful that my heart is healthy and happy. Be grateful for all you are given. I know I am.

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