Friday, August 10, 2012

Dirty Chin

Last night at dinner my daughter kept telling me I had dirt on my chin. My sister and mom saw it too. I had a big dirt splotch on the bottom of my chin.  When we got back to our room I washed my chin three times with soap trying to scrub the splotch off. I kept thinking my chin was much more sore than it should be.  I got closer to the mirror only to discover that it was in fact not a splotch of dirt but instead a bruise. This brought about immediate laughter by everyone.  Why is a bruise funny? Well let's just say that we went to an exercise class.  Let's just say the exercise class was devoted to abdominal muscle workout.  Let's go one step further and say....I HAVE NO STOMACH MUSCLES! I have the most pathetic stomach/non-existent abs in the world.  I am the proud owner of a muffin top. During the ab workout we had to lie on our stomachs and stretch out our arms above our heads. Then we had to lift our arms and head and neck and shoulders off the floor and hold it.  Every time the instructor said, "and relax" I would flop to the floor in writhing agony. I. Can't. Do. This! It was torture.  Lift. Flop. Lift. Flop. Lift. FLOP. And  I bet you are laughing too. Because now you know how I got the big bruise on my chin.

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