Thursday, August 9, 2012

School for Ants?!

Yesterday I went to a nutrition class and the beginning of the class was a question and answer session. First question, "How many servings do you think are in a pound of pasta?"  My answer was 4.  And by 4, I meant 4 moderately hungry adults because obviously if they were really hungry, we would need more pasta.  WRONG.  The correct answer on the box is 8 servings. EIGHT? I cannot even imagine serving dinner for EIGHT people with ONE box of pasta.  The nutritionist went on to say in actuality there are SIXTEEN servings of pasta in one box of pasta.  WHAT?! 16??? Are you serious? A serving size of pasta is 1/2 cup.  The next question was, "How many servings do you think are in this 1/2 of a bagel?"  Let's see - 1/2 bagel obviously equals 1/2 serving.  You are missing an entire half!  WRONG!  The correct answer is 1/2 bagel equals TWO servings.  There are FOUR servings in ONE bagel.  What IS this class?  A class for ants???!!!!  I continued to get every answer wrong.  1/8 of an avocado is an entire serving. I can eat a whole avocado for a snack!  Olives are counted as fat. Don't olives grow on trees??? Corn is a starch. We grow corn in a garden therefore corn is a VEGETABLE. And ONE banana counts as TWO SERVINGS.  UGH! She showed us a serving size of cake and I said, "In my house - that is called the last bite!" Evidently I have some re-thinking to do on how much food I serve my family. I really have some re-thinking to do on how much food I serve myself.  sigh.  Luckily you can eat as much vegetables as you want every single day so Mr. Yesteryear Acres - please water our garden.  Looks like we are going to need it!

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