Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Oh my goodness!  Thank you EVERYONE for all the wonderful birthday wishes!!!!  I have felt the love all day long.  Every time I walk by my computer - I have another birthday wish! It has made my day so special and I appreciate every  single Happy Birthday wish! I have had a really busy day full of cooking and preparing for my weekend road trip.  I have hardly had a chance to sit down but the birthday wishes have kept me smiling and feeling like the birthday girl all day long.  I almost have everything ready for tomorrow.  I am leaving VERY early tomorrow morning with the Puppy mobile full of happy puppies excited to meet their new family members. As soon as I am done delivering the furry bundles of joy - it is off to Quantico to deliver my "Mommy Food Rescue Package" to my older daughter.  I have meals upon meals prepared for her all packaged in quart size containers so she can keep them organized in her freezer. Whenever my baby is hungry - she just has to pop a meal in the microwave and she is all set! Mr. Yesteryear Acres is grilling her marinated chicken strips right now and I just have a few side dishes left to prepare.  Looks like I will be on time and ready to deliver happiness all day tomorrow! Now that is a most excellent birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a good one!


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