Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cooking, Snipping, Cooking and more Snipping

I have been busy in the kitchen ALL DAY LONG and looks like tomorrow will be more of the same.  I had this CRAZY idea that tomorrow I would celebrate my birthday by relaxing and watching a movie but I now see that my birthday will be celebrated in the kitchen.  Hey! Maybe some day Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I can celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary AND my birthday in one relaxing fun-filled day.  Until then - more work for us. I will wake up tomorrow and think that it is just a regular ole Thursday rather than my birthday. That should help. Why all the work? Well I have to drive my puppy mobile and do a puppy delivery on Friday so I have to get all my puppy care packages ready and of course make sure all the puppies are bathed and ready for the trip. I also have to make a special delivery to my older daughter at Quantico.  She has sent out the SOS signal for food and I must come to her rescue!  I had my day all planned out for cooking and baking when....... of course the green beans in the garden WERE READY NOW. You simply cannot put off doing the green beans when they are ready.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have been snipping beans for hours and we are still not done.  We need to finish blanching them this evening and then pack them in quart containers for the freezer. In between all the snipping, I still have been working on my daughter's food rescue care package.  So far I have a HUGE stockpot full of pot roast simmering on the stove. It has fresh garden veggies in it so it is a really healthy and delicious roast/stew/soup. I also have 8lbs of chicken breast that I cut into strips and are now marinating in the refrigerator overnight. Tomorrow Mr. Yesteryear Acres will grill them so I can put them in freezer quart bags. My rolls are rising in the oven, my szechuan green beans are ready for the wok....and I am only about 1/2 way done.  Can you say more cooking tomorrow?        Just another busy day here at Yesteryear Acres!

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