Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Personal Trainer

I have been faithfully following my new fitness routine each week.  I have really started to notice a difference too! This morning I had an itch on my arm and when I went to scratch it - I felt MUSCLE.  Real muscle.  It shocked me!  I made Mr. Yesteryear Acres drop everything he was doing and run inside so he could witness the miracle. He verified it - actual real 100% muscle. Wow!  3 weeks and ALREADY I have muscles! Yea!  This makes me very motivated to keep with my strength training.  I believe Mr. Yesteryear Acres said something like he hasn't seen any arm muscles on me since we were in college. So okay he didn't have to go THAT far back - but point taken.  We were both proud of my progress. To be diagnosed with WAY too little muscle mass was disturbing but thankfully - all you have to do is keep up with the strength training and VOILA! Muscles!  I am fairly sure all this progress that I have made is thanks to my personal trainer.  Or should that be personal trainer(s).  Yes.  It is true. I have certified personal trainers assisting me EVERY day with my workouts.  They come at a great price too! All they require is a scratch behind the ears and they are there for the duration. Yes - my athletic personal trainers are doodle doggies.  Today I realized that they are very dedicated in their passion for my strength training.  As I was doing my plank exercises my little doggie Scooter jumped on my back and made himself comfortable.  Evidently I wasn't training with enough weight. What a thoughtful doggie.  When I was doing my back extensions my doodle doggie Blossom licked my fingers every time they hit the ground.  She was saying, "WAY TO GO!" and "Keep up the Good Work!"  Whenever I say....."Who wants to go for a  WALK" I have the most eager doodle doggie volunteers.  It is never a bad time for a WALK!  I know most people have trouble finding their very own personal trainer - but I am blessed with several.  Best thing about my personal trainers? They are ALWAYS ready, happy, eager, and loving all day, every day. Who could ask for more?

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