Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Road to Wellness

Today I had a really nice conversation with my Doctor and I am feeling quite proud and enthusiastic about my road to wellness. I just passed the 3 year anniversary of my heart attack so being healthy is something I do not take for granted. I had a complete blood work physical done and by complete - I mean they checked EVERYTHING.  My results came back and I am doing really well.  The only areas of concern will all be erased with my continued commitment to fitness.  I definitely need to build my muscle mass and I have to incorporate that into my weekly schedule, which I am now doing faithfully.  My doctor asked if I would go an entire week without eating a single meal, and of course I said NO and then he said, with that same determination that I have to eat good food every week, never neglect the strength training and fitness portion of my health. It is vital that I do it each and every week. I agreed to put my health as a priority and EVEN when I am overworked and overscheduled and "too busy", I will make a point to not be too busy to get my fitness in.  He reminded me that by taking care of myself - I AM taking care of others.  I tend to forget that as I put my own needs at the bottom of what needs to be done. I always put everyone else first. I was reminded if I don't take the time to stay fit - then there will be no ME to take care of everyone else. Along with the reminder to take care of myself, I got a lot of praise and validation on how well I am doing. He said my journey towards wellness is inspiring. It felt really nice. Guess I better go hit the weights. I have some more muscle to build! I am looking forward to my health report next year when I predict that I will get A+++++ and Lots of Gold Stars all the way across my chart!

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