Saturday, August 25, 2012

OH! It is ERRAND Day!

I have been running around like crazy since I got up this morning.  Seems as though my daughter needed 1,000 things done and hasn't had one second to get anything crossed off her list.  Her list was so overwhelming that she just couldn't even begin.  One by one we have been crossing everything off her list.  Doing a long list of unenjoyable things by yourself is torturous but doing a long list of MUST DO things together is MUCH better.  We have done everything from bank runs (YES Grandma Yesteryear Acres, we DID get the check cashed you sent, and she is SO happy she has the extra money for uniforms) to going to the cobbler for a boot repair to....MOVING HER THINGS OUT OF HER CAR! Evidently she has been living out of her car since she got here. It was hard to get going at first and I have to say the non-stop rain has made some of the errands less than pleasant but as the day has contined - the smile on her face has continued to grow. We are making great progress and she is so happy I made the trip.  We are finally getting her settled in and she is very relieved. Guess I better get back to it.  More errands to run!!!! OH! It is ERRAND Day!  Glad to know!

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