Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don't Forget the Brown Sugar!

Today is the day. The day my son has waited for. The day marked on the calendar as THE DRIVING TEST DAY! My son has anxiously waited 16 long years for this day to arrive. He has been crossing the days off the calendar one by one, willing today to FINALLY get here.  He could hardly sleep last night as we had the very first appointment this morning.  We left the house this morning with plenty of time to spare and he passed the test quite quickly.  He has been driving tractors since the day his legs were long enough to reach the pedals and is a great driver.  Getting his license today means NO MORE MOMMY chauffeur.  He is so excited.  Do you know who is MORE excited? MOMMY! No matter how much it might not be cool for your mommy to come and pick you up from Cross Country practice or Track practice or baseball games or what have you - it is really not that much fun for the mommy to wait for the bus to get back or leave in the middle of dinner or wake up at the crack of dawn.  Let's just say - we are both really happy.  My son couldn't wait to come home and show Mr. Yesteryear Acres his new Driver's License.  I have to say - it is a really great picture!  He looks like a 16 year old boy that just got his Driver's License with a great big happy smile dreaming of all that freedom.  Freedom to drive wherever he Birthday Boy, "Now that you have your license.....can you please, go fill up the car with gas, pick up my prescriptions at the pharmacy and also load up the truck with the boxes we are donating and drop them off.  We also need a few things at the grocery store so you can swing by there on the way back home.  Oh yes....and don't forget the brown sugar!" Who is more excited now?! Drive Safely!

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