Sunday, August 26, 2012

Make a Legal U-Turn

After a very productive weekend spent helping my older daughter, I said my goodbyes and started the long drive home. A good friend of mine gave me an alternative route for my trip home. I wanted to avoid the Washington, DC traffic and her route took me around another way so I was sure to not spend my life waiting in a long line of traffic.  The route is not the most direct route home. I think it adds 30 minutes more drive time BUT it is a definitive 30 more minutes as opposed to spending an indeterminate amount of time stuck in traffic. I headed out with my hand written notes for my journey home.  Almost immediately my GPS had other thoughts.  My GPS did NOT like the new route home.  About every 1/2 mile my GPS would say, "At the next street make a legal U-Turn".  Every crossroad would begin with, "Turn right here and then in 100 feet, make a legal U-Turn".  I have to say I began to get paranoid.  Mile after mile my GPS wanted me to TURN AROUND.  She wouldn't give up.  Even after I drove 21 miles from my starting point, the GPS was still asking me to make a U-Turn and go back to the beginning.  21 miles!  She would NOT give up or start a new route.  I traveled through some small towns and through some roads with lots of traffic lights, but the drive was pleasant.  Even with the GPS screaming at me to MAKE A LEGAL U-TURN, the drive was a good one.  After 2 hours of driving, the GPS gave in.  It finally re-routed my trip to what I had written down on paper. The drive home was long but it was really beautiful.  I saw the Shenandoah Valley and picturesque mountain vistas.  There were many beautiful farms along the way and so many apple trees.  It was a nice drive and I am happy to say, I am finally home.  I am so tired - but I am still smiling.  It was a much needed mommy trip for my daughter and I am glad to have made the journey. I got a really nice thank you from my daughter when I got home - looks like she was glad too.

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