Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday CLEAN day

Thursdays at Yesteryear Acres are reserved for HOUSE CLEANING.  UGH. I hate house cleaning.  I mean it is not that fun.  It takes all day.  It is tiring.  To clean our house takes at least 6-7 straight hours of non-stop cleaning.  It is an all day project. Yet, house cleaning is a reality. It must be done.  When you live on a farm and raise puppies - I guarantee there are not enough hours in the day to keep a clean house all the time.  The second I am done cleaning, a doodle doggie will bring mess up my house or Mr. Yesteryear Acres will walk in covered in dirt or I will get my kitchen counters sparking bright only to turn around and find them loaded with veggies from the garden.  In case you haven't experienced getting your own veggies from your garden, let me say, they do not come in bright and shiny and clean.  They make a big mess. So once a week the house gets cleaned top to bottom. Every nook and cranny. I could DREAD Thursdays but Thursdays will still happen.  The house still needs cleaned.  Dreading Thursdays certainly will not stop Thursdays from being the cleaning day. Instead I have found reasons to have joy when I clean. It makes Thursdays much more pleasant.

I like the fact that no one here at Yesteryear Acres expects me to clean on Thursdays.  I am thanked each Thursday for making our house nice and clean. My son always thanks me.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres will leave thank you notes for me when he comes in the house. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is thoughtful that way.  In return, I always thank him for mowing the lawn or weeding the garden.  Even though we have our own tasks - we are eternally grateful for what we both bring to life at Yesteryear Acres.

I am grateful that I can clean my house. When my older daughter was in junior high, I was hit by a drunk driver coming home from her cross country meet.  I spent 6 months in a hospital bed.  I also recovered from a heart attack and last November,  I broke my ankle.  I couldn't clean at all. The worst feeling for me is to NOT be able to help or do my fair share of the work.  I am so grateful that I am healed and physically able to clean my house.  It is something I never take for granted.

I am thankful I have a big beautiful house to clean!  I love my house. I love Yesteryear Acres.  There isn't a day that I don't take time to be appreciative of my beautiful home.

I like cleaning my kids' rooms because I love them so much.  Even though my 2 daughters aren't home, I feel closer to them. I take time to remember all the fun times we had. I look at all the memories sitting in their room and I am grateful for every single one. When I clean their room, I feel surrounded by love.

I like making my gigantic bed. I can't say that stripping a bed and washing the sheets and making the bed is fun BUT Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I shared a little bed for almost 25 years.  We just got our king size bed not too long ago and it has made the biggest difference. Mr. Yesteryear Acres doesn't have sleep apnea anymore.  He sleeps like a baby which means I sleep like a baby.  We are both so much more rested. We have the most comfortable bed in the whole world with the softest sheets and every single night - I smile when I crawl into bed.  I always say, "Oh my gosh, I am sleeping on a cloud of happiness" and Mr. Yesteryear Acres says, "me too."  Then we fall asleep holding hands.  25 years of marriage and we still hold hands every night. When I make my big gigantic bed, I feel grateful to have a perfect place to sleep every night.

I like the fact that I burn lots of calories by cleaning my house.  I mean that is two birds with one stone!  One clean house - one thinner me!  That is a winning combo!

I like the instant gratification I get from cleaning a room.  As soon as I am done cleaning a room and I see it all sparkling and clean, I just smile.  I love that feeling.  Of is just at that instant when.....
a doodle doggie comes in
a puppy romps by
Mr. Yesteryear Acres dumps a load of tomatoes on the counter or
my son drops his muddy boots on the floor
which is why
Every Thursday is CLEAN day. Feel the joy!

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