Friday, August 17, 2012


Today is my younger daughter's last day at home. WAH!  I have to leave tomorrow at 6am to take her back to college.  Say it isn't so!  Say the end of summer isn't here! It can't be time for school already!!!!! We have spent all day packing and scurrying around as fast as we can. No matter how hard we try, we can't make the clock go any slower. The day is flying by and we still aren't done with everything we need to do. We are spending the day denying the obvious and  just trying to get through everything. Anytime my daughter looks at me, her eyes are wet. Anytime I look back, my eyes are leaking a bit as well.  Tomorrow will be a hard day saying our goodbyes but this year we are planning on trying to see each other more often so hopefully we won't miss each other as terribly as we did last year. Tonight I will set the table for FOUR people and then.....we will be down to three. Sniff sniff. Maybe if I wish really hard - tonight will just last and last and last.  We can always hope right?

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