Sunday, August 19, 2012

Must go Shopping

Mr. Yesteryear Acres finally heard from our older daughter. It has been a long time! I have to admit that I thought the time my daughter and I had to chat or email each other while she was at the Naval Academy was really limited.  She barely had time to talk and I was lucky to get an email.  Well compared to how much I have heard from her since she reported to TBS at Quantico - that was a BOATLOAD of communication.  While she was at the Naval Academy, I usually got a quick short email that said, "I love you" or "Have a good night" or  "I am doing fine".  How I miss those very long emails!  I haven't had one email since she left. I haven't even talked to her.  She is that busy.  She is that exhausted.  She told Mr. Yesteryear Acres that if she tried to send an email, she would probably fall asleep while typing it.  She is in the middle of really tough training. Let's see - carrying an 80+ pound rucksack while covering 3 miles every 30 about NO THANK YOU.  Her conversation with Mr. Yesteryear Acres was really short and ended abruptly as she had to get back to work but the bottom line is this -
She is fine
Actually it was more like this -
She is fine
Evidently she is starving. Guess I better go shopping!  Looks like I have a massive cooking project awaiting me this week.  My girl needs food!

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