Thursday, August 16, 2012

Never Alone

I can tell you one thing that we are NEVER here at Yesteryear Acres......we are never lonely.  I mean NEVER. If you have a home filled with doodle doggie love, then you have a constant friend.  You have a constant companion. You have someone who will just look at you with unconditional love in their eyes just because you are you.  I am never lonely here at Yesteryear Acres. In fact EVEN if I wanted to have some alone time - it just wouldn't happen. When I go to the bathroom.....a doodle doggie follows me. "HELLO MRS. YESTERYEAR ACRES, I LOVE YOU! I MUST KEEP YOU COMPANY AT ALL TIMES. YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO GO IN A ROOM WITHOUT ME! DO YOU WANT TO PET ME?" When I go upstairs to make the beds....a doodle doggie follows me. "OH! ARE YOU MAKING THE BED???? DO YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU?! DO YOU WANT TO PET ME?" When I take out the trash, switch laundry loads, make dinner, unload the groceries from the car, clean the house......a doodle doggie is right there to keep me company. "OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY AREN'T WE HAVING FUN?!  DON'T YOU LOVE DOING THIS!? I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY! HEY! DID YOU WANT TO PET ME?" In fact I cannot even take a shower without a doodle doggie sticking their nose into the shower curtain and then moving the curtain aside just to say, "HI!  ARE YOU TAKING A SHOWER?! DOES IT FEEL GOOD?  ARE YOU WET? ARE YOU DONE? DO YOU WANT TO PET ME?!" So if you are feeling lonely or blue, if you are feeling your shower time is just too boring, if you feel you don't get enough attention in life...add a doodle doggie! You will never be alone again and your heart will be full of love.

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