Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Screaming Like A Little Girl

Last night as my mom, my sister, my daughter, and I were walking, my daughter stopped suddenly and said, "I just stepped on a piece of garbage or something.  I stepped on something weird."  This was immediately followed by loud screaming and her running off at the speed of light. All we could hear was, OH MY GOSH!!!  I JUST STEPPED ON A TARANTULA!!! My sister looked where my daughter had just run from and yes - there was a tarantula.  A tarantula ran across my daughter's foot.  I have never really seen someone run quite that fast.  Of course as soon as I heard my sister verify that yes indeed there was a tarantula on our trail, I was running at light speed right behind my daughter. We ran all the way to our room.  My mom was stopped by a very concerned security guard who came running because he heard laughing and crying and screaming and laughing and crying  and was wondering if we were all okay.  He said he heard someone scream like a little girl.  My mom then told him that a tarantula crawled across her granddaughter's foot.  The security guard's response......"OH! I would scream like a little girl too!!!!" Oh the adventures we are having!   TARANTULA!!!!!!!!!!

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