Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Am I being taken advantage of?

My son came home from school yesterday and asked me if he was being taken advantage of. I said that I didn't know - what was up? Well everyday it seems that one of our doodle doggies ANXIOUSLY awaits his return from school.  She cannot wait for my son to get home.  In fact she waits IN HIS ROOM for the big return.  "Oh my goodness is my favorite boy home yet? I cannot wait for my favorite boy to come home from school!"  She is a very devoted doodle doggie.  She is so faithful in her unwavering commitment to wait in his room right around the time my son is due to walk in the door.  Up until now - my son and I pictured her sitting by his bedroom door. My son and I pictured her eagerly waiting with her tail wagging.  My son and I pictured her almost whining with anticipation, not able to contain herself over the soon-to-be joyous reunion.  Yesterday my son came home and didn't do his usual, "I AM HOME!" call through the house.  He was running late for cross country practice and had to hurry and change.  He ran upstairs without announcing his arrival. Of course our devoted doodle doggie was waiting for him.......just not the way we pictured.......
Oh faithful doodle doggie, is the bed comfy enough for you?

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