Friday, August 31, 2012


OH I have such a torturous dilemma.  Our tomatoes are just coming on.  I have enough tomatoes picked to start my first batch of canning for the year! Hurray! I have to can 104 quarts of tomatoes in order to have enough tomatoes for our family.  We eat a lot of tomatoes!  Although I do not enjoy the process of canning tomatoes, I LOVE tomatoes, so I can.  And can.  And can.  Some days I will literally peel basket loads of tomatoes for 10 hours straight.  I am that devoted to having my own tomatoes.  I am sure there are many of you that think it is SO much easier to open a can of crushed tomatoes from the grocery store - and you are right. It IS so much easier. However, if you were to taste one of my quarts of crushed tomatoes - you would feel like you were instantly transported to summertime. Whenever I open a can of my tomatoes - it is fresh picked heaven.  This year I promised my two daughters that I would make each of them 12 pints of my spaghetti sauce.  That is 24 pints of sauce that needs to be cooked and canned.  So here is the dilemma - do I start with their 24 pints of sauce or start with the Yesteryear Acres crushed tomatoes and count 12 quarts done? What if I don't get any more tomatoes???? What if these are the only tomatoes that survive this drought?  What if I make the spaghetti sauce and then have NO tomatoes for Yesteryear Acres?!!!  Tragedy!  Dear daughters of mine, I know you already have figured out the answer to the dilemma.  As if there were any choice. One gigantic stockpot of Yesteryear Acres fresh spaghetti sauce is simmering on the stove.  Care packages of deliciousness will be on the way soon!

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