Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kitchen Day!

Mmmmmm. The kitchen smells SO good! I have spent pretty much the entire day in the kitchen cooking and baking away.  I am ALMOST done with my sun-dried tomatoes!  YAY!  I will be so glad when the last trays come out later tonight.  I have been slicing and slicing and slicing tomatoes round the clock! It looks like we will have our biggest yield EVER. Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been busy vacuum-packing all the tomatoes into dinner size portions and we have almost an entire paper grocery sack full! OH MY TOMATO HAPPINESS!  As soon as that last tray comes out......I get to start dehydrating apples! Everyone LOVES dried apples for snacking and I usually have to make a ton.  Someone around here.....Mr. Yesteryear Acres.....eats them as soon as they are done. It takes a long time before I see any real progress.  My guess is that I will be busy with that project for at least a week or more.  My family can eat a lot of apples!!!!  Along with my sun-dried tomato project, I made a batch of homemade honey oatmeal flax rolls, one batch of molasses oatmeal cookies, one batch of chocolate chip cookies, 4 loaves of meatloaf, 8 roasted eggplant, 4lbs of marinated grilled chicken strips and a double batch of grapenut carb bars.  WHEW!  That is one busy chef!!!! I think I just may be tired.......yes. Yes. I am definitely tired.  Now I get to go clean up my kitchen cooking marathon mess and then I can start putting together my puppy take home care packages. I am thinking I need a cookie to help me finish my list for the day!  Yes - a cookie is called for....or maybe two!

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