Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Las Vegas - Pictures Galore!

I took lots of pictures when I went to the convention in Las Vegas. There was so much to see and do - I just had to share my adventures!
This was the view from my hotel room. So lovely!
Ready for my first day at the Super Zoo!

There were so many vendors to visit. The SuperZoo University Seminars were terrific!

Now THAT is a grooming style I have NEVER seen. Circus Poodle!
Aquarium Poodle!
I walked for miles! SO much to do!

It was like being a kid in a candy store. Awesome Doggie toys, blankets, leashes, food, beds, galore!

The annual Labradoodle Breeder's Conference was terrific. 

We were lucky to have the head of OFA as one of our speakers

Dr. Keller of OFA and me

Best Gift Ever!
The ever so wonderful Top Chef Master Hubert Keller....and me!
Hubert Keller's Brownie Lollipops.....Before
and after! YUM! SO GOOD!
Don't worry. I walked 2 miles to the Bellagio - and back almost every day to combat all the extra delicious calories.  The water fountain show is spectacular! 
Now that is a GREAT trip!!!!

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  1. I'm soooo glad you liked your personalize collar! What an honor to be part of the conference and then to have you consider it "the best gift ever" was icing on the cake! (wish it was a Herbert Keller cake! LOL) Looks like you all had fun! Hope you have an opportunity to use your gift certificate! :)
    ~Carole ("My First Collar" by Woofus")


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