Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not Exactly

Oh My.  This weekend is not exactly how I envisioned it. Let's see.  I did my puppy mobile run and that all went very well.  I even got brownies! Then I checked into my hotel and waited to see my older daughter.  Seeing her is the big HUGE bonus for my puppy delivery trips.  Last night around 6:00 she let me know she was coming.  YAY!  I ran to the kitchenette to start making dinner.  I brought all the ingredients from home so I could make her a home-cooked meal.  The stove top would NOT turn on.  At all.  The knobs were frozen and wouldn't budge. I called the front desk.  She said, "oh that is too bad."  Evidently there are no maintenance workers on the weekend.  So looks like a microwave "home-cooked" meal.  I am so glad I made sure to find a place with a kitchenette.  Then I did what any excitedly awaiting mommy would do ...I sat by the window so I could see her pull in the parking lot. And I sat.  And I sat.  One hour later I got an "I am on the way" text. One hour later.......I finally got to see her. She had a brief that was suddenly scheduled. She was starving when she arrived and had the pleasure of eating her microwave meal and then HAD TO GO BACK TO THE MARINE CORPS BASE.  She had to be in uniform and report to duty at 5:30am Saturday morning.  WAH! We decided that we would watch one show of our television series we are watching together before she had to go back.  And. Then. The DVD remote wouldn't work. ARGH.  No directional arrows.  No enter button.  I called the front desk.  They said they had another remote but if I wanted it, I had to come and get it.  They were not going to bring it to me. OK.  So I ran down 4 flights of stairs to get the remote, back up the stairs and wasn't the remote.  The DVD player doesn't work.  Great.  I said my sad good-byes to my daughter and then climbed into bed.  I was sad to have the empty bed next to mine. I decided to watch some TV to get my mind off of the sad goodbye.  And. Then.  The sound would not work.  I am not kidding. The ONLY stations to have sound were the home shopping network and the county government channel.  The rest were silent.  Sigh.  Not Exactly the weekend I thought I was going to have.  I wonder what today will bring.  At least I have brownies!

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