Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh Popcorn...How I love thee!

Today I have a long drive ahead of me but I am packed and ready for the long drive home. I have my favorite music ready. I have my favorite coffee ready. I have my favorite water, snack, outfit and it looks like I even have my favorite weather ready. As long as it isn't raining or snowing - that is my favorite driving weather!  I have driven through blizzards and hurricane rains and neither one is something I care to ever do again! Today looks like clear skies and smooth I mean driving. To make a long drive REALLY great - you need a travel buddy.  That way the hours just melt away with fun times and laughter. I haven't had a travel buddy in quite some time but I do have my quintessential travel necessity ready for the trip.....POPCORN!  I simply cannot do a long drive alone without my big container of popcorn! First - we have the BEST popcorn in our garden. Mr. Yesteryear Acres grows hull-less lady finger rainbow popcorn. It is simply the best popcorn EVER. The pieces are really tiny which is the key to why it is so yummy!  You can use a lot less butter and seasonings when preparing your popcorn because each handful has so many pieces of popcorn, you are bound to get 1-2 really good ones! My sister and I have come up with what we believe is  "World's Famous Popcorn Seasoning".  My sister calls her popcorn, "World Famous" all the time.  We have just a slight difference between our 2 methods as she uses an oil popper and I use a hot air popper - but the seasonings are pretty much the same. It is a secret blend of 5 delicious seasonings to guarantee - you will eat the entire bowl and beg for more.  So as I travel along the highways, I eat just 1-3 pieces of popcorn at a time. I dole them out in a slow and methodical manner enjoying every little morsel. If I take my time - I can make my popcorn last for hours!  This guarantees two things:
1. I will not be hungry and even more importantly......

2. I will not fall asleep!

Alright Popcorn!  Let's hit the road!

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