Thursday, September 13, 2012

All In One Morning

This morning I woke up at 5:30am. Now normally that sounds like I am some sort of Super Hero. 5:30am! WOW!  But really it is 8:30am my time so I suppose it isn't quite as amazing as it should be.  I decided to get my exercise in before my all-day seminar sessions. My schedule is full of 90 minute seminars followed by a quick 30 minute break and then back again for another seminar. Originally I had planned on working out on the treadmill in the hotel. I packed my treadmill appropriate workout gear and nice business outfits and nothing else. So this morning I thought - I don't want to walk on a treadmill when I have all of Las Vegas outside my door.  I will do my walking down the Las Vegas Strip! Why not!?  I put on my exercise outfit and out the door I went. When I hit the Casino level it became quite apparent that NOBODY wears exercise gear at 5:45am in the morning.  Not in the Casino.  In fact, I could not find another soul that was out for exercise.  I mean NO ONE.  I felt like an Alien.  WHAT IS THAT CREATURE THAT WALKS WITH A PURPOSE?!!  SHE DOESN'T EVEN STOP AT THE SLOT MACHINES!!!  ALIEN!  Well I didn't let all the horrified looks stop me. Nope. I kept on walking.  I walked from the beaches of Mandalay all the way to New York.  When I got to the Statue of Liberty, I kept on walking.  I walked all the way to a rainforest. Heck - I walked ALL THE WAY TO PARIS!  All in one morning.  Now that is a walk of monumental proportions!  Now I am off to learn more about doggies! Perfect start to a perfect day!

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