Friday, September 14, 2012

Top Chef Master

Last night the annual Labradoodle Breeder conference began and it was great to catch up with everyone. I look forward to the conference every year. This year has been particularly great because the Labradoodle Breeder Conference was in conjunction with the Super Zoo Expo which was amazing. I have learned so much already!! After our labradoodle meeting adjourned last night, several Doodle breeders and I headed out for dinner. We stopped by Fleur which is Hubert Keller's restaurant and from that moment on......we had a night to remember! I was SO lucky to have met Hubert Keller the night before and when we arrived, Hubert Keller was there again!!! AND he remembered me!!!! He took the time to meet everyone that came with me and of course we took pictures!!! We couldn't stop talking about how lucky we were. We all thought that was the greatest moment but the night only got BETTER! Our waiter started bringing dishes to us.....that we did not order......that looked INCREDIBLE and he said, "Compliments of the Chef"!!!!!!! WHAT!?!?!!!! That is right. We were treated to Hubert Keller's personal favorites. The food kept coming and of course it was delicious. It was beyond delicious. We all had the biggest smiles on our faces. After we finished our parade of fine food, Hubert Keller came out to see if we liked our dinner. He then talked to us for a while about his journey to becoming a Top Chef, the places he worked as an apprentice in France, what it was like for him to start his first restaurant in San Francisco and his love of family. His parents still own the pastry shoppe in France and he visits them often. Hubert Keller then thanked us for coming AND if that were not enough to have the most memorable dinner EVER - he sent desserts to our table which were so heavenly. We pretty much licked the plates clean.

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