Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh yes....and homecoming too!

Happy First Day of Fall!  The beautiful Autumn season is here!!!  Today DEFINITELY felt like fall.  The wind was a little biting and I actually had to go dig out a jacket. It was cold! We had a lot of fun puppy families here to visit today so I spent a good portion of the day outdoors playing with all the puppies.  The puppies LOVED all the attention and now they are all sacked out.  They are SOUND asleep in one big snuggle pile.  They had a good workout!  Around 2:00-3:00 today, I had a thought.....OH MY GOSH!  IT IS HOMECOMING!  I almost forgot that my son was going to the homecoming dance!  He was still at his cross-country meet and I was supposed to get his outfit for the evening ironed and pick up the corsage from the florist. ACK! Luckily I remembered in time to get everything done.  He looked ever so handsome this evening and his date was beautiful.  Of course I took a million pictures! I mean here was my son, all dressed up, looking sharp in his tie and dress shirt and his date was so lovely in her beautiful gold dress and my son couldn't possibly deny my picture taking obsession in front of his beautiful date! HA!  I took a ridiculous amount of pictures because who knows when my son will willingly stand there and smile looking ever so dapper while I have my camera ready for action. I think I got enough pictures to last until the next big occasion. Tonight Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I will wait up for him to come home and share how the big homecoming evening went. How will we pass the time?  Yes.  More Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is busy filling the trays with sliced tomatoes as I type my blog. Maybe I should keep writing.  Maybe this will be the longest blog ever! Maybe I will pretend I don't hear him calling from the kitchen asking, "How much longer???"  Tomatoes?  Me?  Slice some more? What? Alright Mr. Yesteryear Acres - I am on the way.  Sun-Dried Tomatoes coming up!

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