Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Big Butterballs Going Home

Tomorrow Scarlet's Double Doodle Puppies start going to their new homes so today was Puppy Spa day for the pups. Oh my gosh. They are BIG BIG BUTTERBALLS!  They may be the biggest puppies we have had. Normally I just stand up, hold a puppy, and clip the puppy nails with the nail trimmers. I can do it really quickly and have no trouble balancing a puppy, holding the paw and clipping the nails in record time. I tried that same technique today but the puppies were so big and so heavy, I had to sit down with the puppies as one puppy would totally fill my lap.  The nice thing is that because the puppies are a good size, trimming their nails was so easy.  Their paws are nice and big and their nails are so easy to see.  They are also SUPER gentle and every pup just laid down on my lap like a big furry blanket and waited until their spa treatment was finished. I am going to miss them!  After they were all done getting ready for their big weekend, I let them outside to play in the puppy play pen while I made all the puppy care packages.  Of COURSE the puppies did not just sit and look pretty in the play pen.....they immediately undid all the grooming but they did have a blast playing.  Can't deny a puppy a fun romp outside! Puppy work is never done.  Thankfully puppy smiles make it all worth it!

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