Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lilacs and Honeysuckle

I wouldn't call today's weather very springlike.  It is damp. It is cold. It is windy.  It feels more like "I am almost winter" instead of "I am almost summer".  Despite the dreary weather, my son and I had a wonderful day before Mother's Day walk together.  The lilacs are in full bloom and they smell SO good.  The second you walk outside our door, you are surrounded by the lovely lilac fragrance.  I love those purple flowers so much.  It is so beautiful and I smile every time I get a whiff of that sweet lilac scent.  Our woods are full of honeysuckle and they too are in full bloom.  With everything being so damp today, the flower fragrances filled the air.  The woods smelled delightful!  Our entire walk was filled with "Ahhhhh" and "oooooh".  It was really nice.  We also were treated to a major nature bonus! We saw a beautiful Summer Tanager high up in the trees.  He was so brilliant red.  My son and I just stood and watched it.  It was quite the sight! I couldn't believe the doodle doggies didn't scare it off.  We were lucky indeed!  After we got home, my son said he had an errand to run as his truck was almost out of diesel. When he came home.....he had gone to my favorite bakery and bought me a dozen of my favorite cookies! Awwwww.  They are my early Mother's Day present.  I LOVE cookies and am already making quite the dent in the bakery box. Mmmmm. Cookies.  Tomorrow if the weather cooperates, my son and I are going on a long Mother's Day bike ride! I am one lucky mama!!!!!

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