Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Funday

Today we did nothing but have FUN.  ALL DAY LONG.  We had a family fun day that lasted from the moment we woke up until the very end of the day. Every single minute of the day brought endless smiles.
My son Rounding them Up!
Is this how you do it?
There is nothing better than starting your day out with a nice sunny horseback ride
My son could stay out all day long

We have the sweetest horses
Horsey Hugs!
My faithful Horsey Buckwheat

Then it was time for some Trap & Skeet

Target Obliterated

Mr. Yesteryear Acres happy!

He never misses

My son ....the expert!

There wasn't a clay pigeon left!

Bam! I got them all!

Backyard Fun....Yesteryear Acres Style

The Shooting Sisters

Don't mess with this guy


The Master Griller

Barbecue Buddies!

Campfire Night

Who wants s'more?!!!

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