Monday, May 13, 2013

Chilly Monday

Happy Chilly Monday! Brrrrr! Mr. Yesteryear Acres actually had to turn on the furnace today. In the middle of May!  It is sooooo cold.  My nose was a frozen ice cube and I had on 3 sweatshirts until the furnace came on. The puppies were really good about going outside despite the chilly weather.  They are really getting the hang of going potty outside and they get their business done right away. That is especially thoughtful of them when I am standing in my robe freezing!
McGyver's Boy getting busy right away. He is such a good puppy!

"Hurry! Let's get done so we can go back inside where it is warm!"
"Let's find the perfect spot"
"Found it"

"Mr. Yesteryear Acres we are almost done!"

"Do we have time to play?"
"Yea! Mr. Yesteryear Acres always lets us have recess time!"
"That's what makes it so fun!"
"Awww time to go in already???!"
I can't leave out cute Sweet Pea puppy pictures

They are too little to go outside

But snuggling inside is just right!
Happy Monday!

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