Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh no you didn't!

Today my sister said fighting words to me.  She had an exceptionally good weekend as far as her step count goes. We have daily battles to see who has more steps in for the day.  The goal for each day is 10,000 steps. That is the minimum amount of acceptable steps for the day and anything over that is just gravy.  I mean it is good gravy - but still it is gravy. As long as you get in the 10,000 steps each day - you get a gold star.  Well this weekend my sister got in over 20,000 steps on Sunday making her the clear leader.  I graciously let her bask in her glory. I got in 13,000 steps so I met my goal and then some.  Then today, out of the blue my sister called me .......A SLACKER!  What!  How dare she insult me!!! I am NOT a slacker!  I am anything BUT a slacker.  I have been faithfully exercising EVERY single week since August 1st of last year.  I have not missed one single week's goal of weight lifting or cardio fitness in all that time.  Slacker!!???  Oh those are fighting words!  Right then I decided I would show her who was slacking.  I started walking.  I started walking and walking and walking and I didn't stop.  Steps for the day today? 25,000+ steps!   HA!  I walked over 12 miles.  I am in the lead!  WHO is slacking now????  GAME ON! Woot woot!

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