Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strawberry Deliciousness!

Bright and early this morning we heard the call of the strawberry patch....."Come pick us!  We are ripe and juicy and ready to be eaten!"  Who can ignore the call of the strawberries??? Not us!  We were in the strawberry patch and picking as soon as we got dressed.  Oh my!  The berries are delicious this year! They are the sweetest, most perfectly sized, mouth watering strawberry deliciousness ever!  We picked several peck baskets......
Every single berry is perfect

Every time I walk into the kitchen.....strawberries miraculously disappear

Strawberry Jam making time.  I hope to have at least 26 pints of Strawberry Jam made before the strawberry season is over.  This should be a good start! 

After we are done making jam....we are definitely having strawberries with whipped cream and freshly grated chocolate.......mmmmmmmmm
Does that count as a complete dinner?
I say yes!!!!!!!!!!

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