Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Water Bottle Collection

I am a water snob.  There. I said it.  I am a complete and utter water snob.  I can tell what kind of water I am drinking instantly.  I wish I were NOT a water snob.  I wish I loved all water equally, but alas.....I do not.  There are some brands of bottled water that I really cannot drink.  They taste all plasticky and gross. Same for tap water.  Some are SO chlorinated that I feel like I am drinking a glass of pool water.  We have well water here and it is really good.  Like spring-fed yummy cool refreshing water.  I want all water to taste like that.  I also am super picky when it comes to water bottles.  I don't like water bottles that make my water taste like plastic, or metal, or chemical tasting or not at all water-like. If you saw my collection of water bottles.....ummmmmm....well let's just say I have tried a few and have a small "I wish I liked that water bottle but I do not" collection.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has tried several times to trick me with water taste tests and every single time I know which glass has which kind of water. I can never be fooled. As hard as I try to like all water....I just can't.  My younger daughter is very green-minded.  She brings her own grocery bags to the grocery store.  She is a big recycler.  She has taken several classes in sustainability and works hard to reduce waste. My affinity for a certain brand of bottled water and the copious amount of bottled water than I consume troubles her.  Well her troubled mind can be put at ease starting today! I have found a solution! I just purchased a GLASS sports water bottle!  It is all glass - even the lip is glass and the best water.....tastes like water!!!!  I am SO in love with my new bottle!  It has a silicone casing on top to reduce the likelihood of breaking and a cap with a small handle.  It is perfect! I can take my new glass water bottle on my workouts, with my doggies, on my bike, on my hikes - everywhere!  No more store water bottles!  I am so excited I found a solution! Who knew one water bottle could bring so much happiness! Yay!

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