Friday, May 17, 2013

Well that's a first!

Today's very warm weather got me motivated to switch out my closet to my summer clothes.  We don't have very big closets here at Yesteryear Acres so I can only fit either Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer clothes at one time. I know that just LAST week I said it was SO cold and just LAST week we had to turn on the furnace but hey - it is almost JUNE so I am hereby declaring that winter weather is DONE. FINISHED. NO MORE! I feel confident that my sweater wearing days are behind me until winter rolls around once again.  I need t-shirts!  I need shorts!   I need sandals!  No more mittens! I packed all my winter things away and then got out my summer gear.  As always, I try everything on before I put my clothes on the shelves.  Usually my clothes mysteriously SHRINK during the winter.  Every start of the summer season I am bathed in depression as NONE of my summer clothes fit. They secretly hold meetings where they all shrink at least 2 sizes! Well I got a huge clothes fit! WHAT?!  YAY!  I had a huge smile on my face when every time I pulled on a pair of shorts....they buttoned!  I guess my commitment to fitness really paid off!  I happily put my summer clothes on my shelves and, myself, and I - put away my winter clothes.  I usually have to have Mr. Yesteryear Acres carry down all my clothes from the attic and then once I make the switch, he has to carry all the clothes back up to the attic. I can't lift that much weight.  Not this time!  This time I did all the work myself!  My clothes fit AND I did all the lifting. Well that's a first!  AND I know for a fact - it won't be the last! Feeling good is AWESOME!

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