Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hey, I did laundry

 Today I got caught up on the mountains of laundry that was becoming increasingly more menacing.  My son wears at least 2 pairs of jeans per day.  One for school and one for working at Yesteryear Acres.  Sometimes he needs 2 pairs for working here.  He definitely works hard and definitely goes through a LOT of clothes. Instead of bringing the dirty jeans downstairs to the laundry room, he hoards them in his room and starts making a mountain size pile of laundry.  My son is not a little boy.  He is super tall and has super tall clothes that make super tall piles. Once a week I start hauling his mountain tall pile of dirty clothes downstairs.  I need one trip just for the heavy jeans!  Now I am sure you are wondering why I don't make HIM bring down all his dirty clothes! Well it is because he is always working here.  He never has time off. He never sits down and watches TV or plays video games or anything relaxing.  He is always working.  Most of the time he is working to help me do things I can't get done by myself.  SO the least I can do is have clean clothes for my hard working boy. So today was laundry day. All of my tall boy's clothes are clean.  All Mr. Yesteryear Acres clothes are clean. All the puppy towels and blankets are clean and all of my clothes are clean.  This can only mean one thing......tonight... is... FOLDING night.  I have MOUNTAINS to fold.  Hey what did you do today? I did LAUNDRY! I know. I know. You are so jealous. I have all the fun!

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