Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sweet Pea

Introducing our Sweet Pea! Sweet Pea was born right here at Yesteryear Acres. Her Daddy is our awesome white golden retriever McGyver. Sweet Pea is just beautiful and her new little goldendoodle puppies are so adorable. My son and I took tons of pictures of Sweet Pea yesterday so that I could make a brand new webpage for her on our website. We took over 200 pictures and had at least 50 pictures that were perfect! The hardest part was narrowing down to a few favorites.....
"Oh boy! Time for a walk!"

"Do you have my favorite green froggy toy?"

"Oh yes! Oh yes you do!"

"I will just wag my tail and wait for you to throw it"

"How about now?  Do you wanna play fetch now?"

"What if I sit and pose perfectly?"

"What if I wear your favorite hat?"

"YEA! That was a fun game of fetch!"

"Time for a break"

"Don't leave! You can rub my belly if you want to"

"Yea! You are coming back!"

"I love that boy!!!"


  1. Wow is she beautiful. She has her daddy's bone structure.
    KC and aurora

  2. What an incredible experience. So glad to have this female in my life. Never had a female dog before but she's filled an incredible hole and then some! Good ole fashion lovin at it's best!!!


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