Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Puppy Picture Cuteness

Mondays are always busy here at Yesteryear Acres.  On top of all the millions of things on our never-ending "to-do" list - Monday means PUPPY PICTURE CUTENESS DAY!  I usually end up taking somewhere between 800-1000 pictures just to whittle it down to the most adorable ones.  Believe it or not - puppies don't just sit still and wait for you to take the picture.  You have to be quick!  Here are this Monday's Puppy Picture Cuteness.....
Scarlet and McGyver have the SWEETEST Double Doodle babies!

They are already learning how to play fetch

They are pretty good at it too!

They are especially good at pouncing on their favorite fetch toys! 

Taking a nap in the shade is also good fun 
Do you want to play with me?
Sweet Pea's Goldendoodle puppies are getting bigger.
The puppy on the left LOVES Mr. Yesteryear Acres so much. I have over a dozen pictures and she is looking up at Mr. Yesteryear Acres in every single one.

I finally got her to look my way......... and look! She is laughing at me!
She says, "Did you like those pictures? hee hee"

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