Friday, May 1, 2015

Make the Time

We are blessed with the kindest neighbors on both sides of Yesteryear Acres.  We see one of our neighbors quite often as we share driveways and we help one another deliver the daily mail and packages.  The other neighbor lives about 1/4 mile down from us and we don't see her as often as we would like. She was married for 63 beautiful love-filled years and her sweet husband died almost 5 years ago. My son mows her yard every week and tries to help her out whenever she needs a hand and we do our best to check up on her as often as we can. Today I decided that I would make the time to go visit with her as we haven't had time lately to just sit and chat.  I walked on over, and of course, she was out in her small garden working. She was picking fresh asparagus for her dinner tonight. Even though she will be 88 years old this October, she hasn't slowed down one bit!
She works in her garden almost every day and treasures all her gifts from the garden. We sat and talked for about 2 hours about all her blessings and she said the things she remembers the most aren't the big events, but instead she remembers the little moments in between.  It still feels like it was yesterday when she and her husband sat together shelling lima beans. Those are the things she misses the most. She wouldn't trade all their hard work for anything and is grateful for every moment they shared. She fondly remembers all the little moments and is grateful for her love-filled life. I said I knew just how she felt and am grateful for all the moments in between.  They are the fabric of our lives.  As I headed on home across the field I took a moment to appreciate the view.  
And was thankful for this beautiful day. 
Make the time - treasure the time - appreciate the time
and all the moments in between

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  1. THIS is why I love your blog Renee! Thank you for sharing!


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