Saturday, May 1, 2010

Animals, Dragons and Puppies :)

Dear Mother Nature,
Thank you so much for not raining on our zoo day! That was so thoughtful and considerate and I appreciate it so very much. We had a great day and all the plans came together perfectly. My homemade potato bread with peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam made for a delicious picnic lunch. We sat by the pond and watched the duckies and new baby ducklings while we ate. I have to say that the puppy chow was enjoyed by all. Sean got a kick out of eating puppy food LOL. Most of the animals were out today and we even got to see the baby elephant. Anytime I go to the zoo I figure if I see 3 interesting things that I haven't seen before, it is a great day. Today we saw the baby elephant, 3 baby lion cubs and the orangutan climb all the way to the top of his ladder to his lookout. Sean loved the zoo and it was awesome to spend the day with my kids and Sean and my family just enjoying the day. We topped the day off with How to Train Your Dragon at the IMAX 3D and even my 13 year old son enjoyed it. It really was a great day. Mr. Yesteryear Acres was as busy as he has ever been. We had several families visit and with a few time changes here and there, it ended up with almost everyone visiting here at the exact same time. I felt guilty that I wasn't at home to help because it is hard for one person to answer everyone's questions and I never want someone to feel they didn't get full attention or have a great time here. The puppies were a big hit, so I think the day went okay. Thank you dear Hubby. Your family appreciates all that you do!!!!

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