Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shopping Fun!

Today the weather was quite dreary so our outside plans had to be canceled. What in the world could we think of to do? What possibly could we do when the rains continued to pour and the skies were so dark and gloomy? Why Shopping of course!!! So my older daughter and I spent the whole day shopping. Just the two of us. My daughter has finally earned the right to wear "civilian" clothes during the weekends and her wardrobe needed some serious updating. She needed shorts, shirts, skirts and a couple of dresses. So off we went in search of new clothes. She is not a big shopper and usually tries to finish the task quickly and painlessly but today she was actually excited about going. She couldn't wait to get some new duds to wear. Well we could not have been any luckier today. Every store we went to had a gigantic sale! We found so many buy-one-get-one free deals along with $10 deals that we soon had many great items to choose from. We actually spent hours and hours shopping and talked with each other non-stop. It was really relaxing for me to be able to just focus on my daughter's needs and not have anyone else to worry about. I instinctively feel that it is my job to make sure everyone is having a good time. My daughter is usually only able to shop at home during the holidays and then everyone goes along. I spend most of those days checking to make sure my mom is okay, my sister is okay, my younger daughter and older daughter are both getting equal attention and they are both okay. By the time I get home I feel pretty drained. It is hard work to make sure everyone is happy all day long. Today was awesome because I got to spend all my energy and conversations and thoughts on just my daughter. We haven't had a day alone together without responsibilities looming over our heads or interruptions since she graduated high school and I soooo miss her. She is a bubbly happy funny intelligent upbeat person and so much fun to be with. We ended up shopping until well after 6pm and when we arrived home shortly after 7pm we were greeted by my husband waiting at the door. He had just finished making dinner and it was ready to serve. It was such a thoughtful thing to do and a nice surprise! He made a delicious pasta dinner with fresh baked garlic bread. And once again.....We had a Table for Five :)

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