Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Table for Five

Tonight I got to set my dinner table for FIVE people. I can't tell you how much happiness I felt getting out five plates, five glasses, five forks, five knives and five napkins. I felt whole again. Tonight my oldest child came home from the Naval Academy. She just finished final exams and has a small break before she has to return to USNA so I have just a little bit of time to enjoy my family all together at once. My house is filled with noises of the kids laughing and joking and having fun catching up on all that has happened. My daughter was SO happy to see the house full of puppies. She says that is one of the very hardest parts about being away. She misses her doggies so much and really misses the puppies. She is thinking of sleeping with all the puppies tonight and can't wait to spend all day tomorrow playing with them. My husband remarked that dinner tonight was so loud and he loved it. We talked about how much her younger brother has grown since she saw him last. He is pushing close to 6 feet now. We talked about school and classes and doggies and friends. We heard hilarious stories from the Academy and in return told her a few funny stories that have happened here. Our dinner lasted forever and the time went quickly. Right now my older daughter is helping her younger sister with her Chemistry. It is odd how keenly aware we are of the long passages of time spent apart, yet when we get together it feels as if no time has passed and everything immediately falls right back into place. Just as it has always been. Just as I hope it will always be. Younger brother picking on older sisters, older sisters picking on younger brother, sisters laughing and helping each other, brother and sisters laughing hysterically and 2 parents filled with pride and happiness. All is right with the world.

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