Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miracle Grow?

Oh my goodness!!! I am super happy as I sit here surrounded by Trixie and Lady's sweet puppies. This week they have changed a lot! Puppies do change from week to week and it is fun to watch a litter of puppies grow cuter with each passing day. When they are 2 weeks old it is fun to watch their eyes open. At three weeks old the puppies' ears open so they start holding their ears up and look SO much more like puppies by this time. At four weeks old you can really start to see coat development and at 5 and 6 weeks they just fill out and become adorable. I am used to watching the cuteness factor continue to flourish but WOW - this week totally tops everything. I think someone must have visited and poured some Miracle Grow onto the puppies as their coats have just really come in this week. Lady's puppies all now have super silky long wavy coats and are completely adorable. Trixie's puppies have gotten bigger and their coats have filled out so nicely. Both litters of puppies look significantly different than they did just 4 days ago! I think I won't be able to wait all the way until Friday to post new pictures as I can't wait to share the cuteness! I honestly don't know which puppy I love the most - which is awesome - because they are all adorable. They are also doing great with housebreaking. They are on a set schedule and are reliably pooping outside. YEA! I just love smart puppies!!! This is the first litter for both Trixie and Lady (and Barkley) so although I was pretty darn sure their pups would be awesome, it is so nice to see they are even better than I dreamed. Barkley is a GREAT new daddy for us. He throws perfect coats and such nice deep coloring. I love it when we find the perfect pairing of doggies to have perfect doodle puppies. Maybe if tomorrow is nice I will retake all the puppy pictures. Be prepared for lots of "oooohs and ahhhhhhs"!!! That is what I have been doing all day long!!

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  1. You are such a blessing !! I love your insight and the beauty of your words. They always remind me to be grateful, and how much there is in everyday living to be grateful for. You have an amazing gift ! May God continue to use you in such a powerful way. Thanks you !



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