Thursday, May 27, 2010

Groovin to the Tunes

Today marked THREE days in a row that I have gotten off my butt and headed outdoors for a good 2 mile walk. I feel quite accomplished! The past 2 days I have walked at home around our pond and on the path through our woods. It is a really nice walk and I usually see deer, our fish (who actually stalk me as I walk around the pond hoping that I have the fish chow in my hand), lots of birds, and once in a while a cute little bunny. The only part I don't like about walking at home is that I have to do multiple laps to get 2 miles in. I find myself looking at my watch quite often only to find that a whole 3 minutes has passed since the last time I looked. The 30 minutes of walking seems a lot longer when I walk at home. This morning I headed off to the arboretum which has over 8 miles of walking trails. It is the loveliest setting and so peaceful. I love it there. I can pick new trails and vary my workout up a bit when I walk there. There is always something new to see each time I visit. I only looked at my watch once while I walked this morning just to make sure I was keeping a good pace. As much as I love the arboretum, I did realize there is a big No-No to walking there. When I walk at home, I sing out loud. I have my mini iPod full of awesome work out tunes and I just sing sing sing along with all my favorite songs. Yesterday when I walked around our pond, I was singing "Me and Julio". When I got to the part that goes "Well I am on my way, I don't know where I'm going but I am on my way. I am taking my time but I don't know where..." I had 2 bullfrogs join in. I took that as a huge compliment. I believe the bullfrogs were thinking "That is the most BEAUTIFUL sound we have ever heard!!!! We should join in!!!!" Bullfrogs are so complimentary and polite aren't they? My doggies like my singing too. They never ever say "Hey Renee, with those headphones in your ear you are completely tone deaf and can't hit the notes." They just smile and wag their tails and are a most appreciative audience. So today I headed off on the beautiful Holly Trail at the arboretum when Sheryl Crow belted, "If it makes you HAPPY" which of course I HAD to answer, "It can't be that baaaaaad." It was then I noticed I wasn't alone. Not only was I not alone but I got that look. The look that clearly says that I must have escaped from a mental institution and haven't learn proper social mores that dictate that singing out loud among strangers is strictly forbidden. So I stopped singing and finished my walk in silence. No singing out loud. No hip hop dance moves as I boogied down the path. You have to wonder - the people that are fond of giving that "You can NOT be singing" look - how many of them love to sing out loud when no one is looking? How many are secret salsa dancers when they are emptying their dishwasher or rocking out an awesome merengue while switching laundry loads? I am going to guess that almost all of them! Now if we can only make it perfectly normal to smile and dance and boogie our way through our walking routine full of music and singing....I bet there would be a lot more people hitting the trails. Hey maybe I will start the movement myself..... "I'm Bringing Sexy Back!" Yea!

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